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Yuvi Kawanoはランジェリーと人体の関係性や美しさを考えるランジェリーブランドです。特定のインスピレーションは持たず、各コレクションが変化しつづけるシリーズであり、独自の世界観と美学を追求しています。トレンドにフォーカスせず、身の回りのものから着想を得て、アイデアを発展させたものを、ランジェリーへ昇華させます。




Yuvi Kawanoは、ファッション業界が与えている環境への影響を認識した上で、その問題に対して独自の哲学で立ち向かおうとしています。パターンカット技術の応用で無駄を極力減らし、より少ない生地を使ってデザインするように努めています。

Yuvi Kawano is an independent lingerie design brand focused on beauty and its emergence from the relationship between design and the human body. Our ever-evolving collections are continually developed and updated even after completion. This process reflects the eclectic and dynamic taste of the brand which informs our unique design philosophy. With little regard for trends, Yuvi Kawano finds inspiration in the objects of everyday life which are then developed and channelled into our products.

Alongside this, we focus on the inherent beauty of the human body from an inclusive, non-normative perspective, challenging the relationship between lingerie and typical gender roles in the hope to inspire and enrich the lives of those who wear our lingerie.


With a view to battling the effects of the fashion industry on the environment, Yuvi Kawano adopts a unique low-waste pattern-cutting technique in the production of our lingerie. Through our use of organic materials and off-cuts, we are committed to reducing waste as much as possible.

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